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    DefaultBack again!!

    Hello everyone! Im back again. Incase its been to long, I adopted Storm, a yellow lab who has become one of my children.

    She is doing very well, and has completely adjusted to her new home and family. SHe has become sooo naughty :-) like my children, i think she is following after them. But its rather cute some of the things, which I thought Id share for some smiles:

    1. Storm sleeps inside, either in my room or in my kids room. Lately when I go to bed at night as soon as I turn my light off I hear her jump onto the couch. I get up and go to the lounge and there she is lying on the couch with her head comfortable perched on the cushion! The funniest part of this is that when she see's me she slides off, she doesnt jump, its kind like slow motion and slides off. Its hilarious, I dont laugh though. Coz its a mission to get the hair off the couches, and she has a bed.

    2. It really warms my heart when I watch her brilliant Storm is with my children. I have a 3 year old, and 5 year old and they love her to bits. (although storm chews their toys sometimes, then they not impressed). One thing that stands out is when the three of them ly on the floor and play, storm is ever so gentle on them and listens to them. My 5 year old has taught her how to jump at his command and also to dance with him...its really cute.

    4. In the mornings, only on weekends (and this is fascinating her storm knows its weekend) she pickes up my son's soccer ball and wakes him up by putting it on his bed and then nudging him. She has been doing this for awhile, so this morning I told her "go wake Tristan" and she went, got the ball, and woke him up!

    Sooo now, Ive been offered a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy (also a rescue pup) its still very young and will only be able to leave the mom in about a week. I think it will be great for Storm to have a companion, but is there anything I need to be carefull of when I introduce them? Storm is still young, about a year and a half, and she gets very excited around other dogs. Also, the pup will be very weak and will need lots of care (u dont even want to know the circumstances this pup is coming from, disgusting) but how do I make sure storm doesnt resent this new pup?

    Oh, by the way :-) Any tips on handling fleas? Shew, its become a major problem and im really struggling to get rid of them.

    Thanks guys :-) You all still doing a brilliant job on this website, such a lovely place to come!

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    I use Comfortis flea pills, they work great!
    Love is a Lab!

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    Hi and congrats on Storm she is adorable

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