Anyone given Resvantage?
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Thread: Anyone given Resvantage?

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    DefaultAnyone given Resvantage?

    Just got the box I ordered from the National Canine Cancer Foundation. It's a supplement that has shown to prevent/stop cancer cells from developing and spreading--in the lab at least. I'm desperate for anything that will help Fitzgerald long term. I'm thinking about giving it to Clarence also. It's touted as a "longevity" supplement so I figure it can't hurt for C-Man to have it as well. If anyone has given this to their pups, just curious about your thoughts of it. They make a human version as well--maybe I'll start taking it too!

    Leigh, Clarence and Fitzgerald

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    I've never heard of it. I have heard of people switching to raw when their dogs are diagnosed with cancer. My friend just did that with her pup.
    I am so, so sorry about Fitz. Keeping him in my prayers and sending you both a huge (((hug))).


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