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    DefaultHelp with alternative exercise:

    Some of you may recall I just seriously injured my back and I am now on limited activity. I can walk...but I can't walk the dogs...especially Mister Tug-Monster Remy.

    He is of course, going bonkers without his normal exercise. Throwing a ball in the house is not cutting it. He's not great at fetching outside, but I'm going to try to work on it at lunch...any other suggestions on how to get this kid moving?
    Melissa, Remy & Brooklyn

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    can you hire a dogwalker? or take him to a doggy daycare?

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    Does he like to fetch bubbles? Buffy gets so much exercise chasing those! I don't know if you can find bubbles in the store at this point though, more of a summer thing. Laser pointer? Buffy also loves to chase the flashlight. VERY entertaining for me as well

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