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    Hello all Lab Lovers!
    My husband and I started off with 3 Labs 14 years ago, the prized hunting dog "Gauge" and 2 females, Haley and Cinder. Sadly we lost Gauge 2 years ago to a tumor, and we just put Haley down this summer due to old age complications. That was one of the most difficult decisions we ever had to make and we all miss her so (our family also now includes 2 boys, Aiden and Emmitt). Cinder is still going strong, and after Gauge died we added a new male, Echo, who is still an obnoxious but luvable young pup and has thankfully also become one mean hunting machine:-)
    A couple of years ago because of our love for our Labs I designed and published a "baby book" for Labradors. It is called "My Labrador Retriever's Life Story" and it is a fantastic way to chronicle the entire life of your Labrador. After we lost Gauge, creating his album was so therapeutic for me and we now have a wonderful book to cherish all of our favorite memories with him. I have a website but once the albums are gone the website and the unique book will be gone. I was hoping to eventually grow it into a business full of different albums for all different dog breed types, but unfortunately due to financial and time constraints, it is not meant to be. Therefore I just thought I would let you all know of the unique Labrador album I created. My website If you are interested in ordering a book for yourself or as a Christmas gift please send me an email instead of ordering online and I will knock an additional $2.00 off the book (to $7.95) and charge $2.00 for shipping.
    Thanks for your time and Happy dog-days with you and your Labs! - Melissa Barthel, [email protected].

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    No offense, but since this is your first post and in it you're trying to sell something to us, it comes off as being pretty rude. Perhaps you should post this in the classified section rather than in Lab Chat and come back here to discuss your love of labs and former friends and leave the sales pitch elsewhere?

    kelli, tucker and koda

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