Howdy strangers-Some sad updates
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Thread: Howdy strangers-Some sad updates

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    DefaultHowdy strangers-Some sad updates

    Didn't realize how long it is has been since I visited here. Just don't seem to have enough time for all the forums and things that need done in a day. I know some of you have been big fans of a few of the dogs here, and have even enjoyed meeting some of them. Thought I would let you know we have had some sad losses this year.

    First, in January we lost Scuba Steve to bloat overnight. He was fine when we went to bed, but when I got up at 3am, he was gone. Scub was 8 years old and was from our last Maggie/Hunter litter. His sister Tailer is still here and going strong.

    Next, and probably the hardest blow was the loss of my beloved Bubba in June. He started to loose weight and a check with the vet found he probably had Myasthenia gravis and the complication of megasophagus that often goes along with it. We treated and managed it for several weeks, but it bacame obvious that he would only continue to get weaker until the end. We ended his suffering on June 21. It has been particularly hard since he went so many places with me. Every time I go on a trip now, I keep thinking back to being there with Bubba and it starts the tears again. He was one in a million, and I am not sure I will ever get over his loss.

    Exactly one month later, his brother Blacky went into respiratory distress while coming back from Detroit. I rushed him to the emergency vet, and found he either had pneumonia or lung cancer. 12 hours of intensive care, and anouther week of oxygen, IV meds and rest and he was back to normal. I had to tell Bubba he could not have his brother with him get, that I needed him too much here. Bubba and Blacky where from Hunter and Maggys first litter. They have always been my favorites and have traveled many miles with me. I am happy to say at this time, Blacky is happy and healthy with no signs of any lung trouble.

    Finally, early on Sunday morning, Hunter crossed over the rainbow bridge while in bed with us. I headr his breathing become irregular and knew his time was near. I bent down and told him I was with him and that it was OK to go if he needed to. I held him colse and about five minutes later his breathing stoped. At 14 years old, he went to be with his Maggy and all the others who had gone ahead. With that, the legacy of the Hunter/Maggy line has come to an end. It is very hard for me to accept as the pups they gave us where so happy and gentle. They where by my standards, the perfect Labs.

    We have also lost a few senior rescues this year, and Maggie, the resident queen is not doing so well after having her spleen and a 4 pound tumor removed 3 weeks ago.

    I just figured I would let the friends that had met these graet dogs in life know that they had crossed over. For those who have also had their own losses in the time I have been away, you have my deepest sympathy. May we all know the joy of being with our loved ones once again soon at the bridge where they wait.
    Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Organization or S.P.A.R.R.O. and Shades Of Grey Senior Sanctuary
    A 501c3 Non Profit Organization.
    Plum, Pa.

    Saving one dog will not change the world But, surely, for that one dog the world will change forever!

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    Oh Joe. My heart is breaking reading all of this. I'm so sorry.

    Califon, NJ
    Hunterdon County
    "Each is a creature of Earth and is entitled to reside on it with dignity"

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    Oh my Joe... sorry to hear about your recent losses!!!

    My pretty girl, Lexi!

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    Joe, i am so sorry its been such a rough time for you. What You do is just amazing. ((HUGS)) to you Mr. Joe. You truly are one special person.

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    Hi Joe,
    I am so sorry for all your losses. God bless you for being such a caring person.
    Pop in more often when you can.

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    the Great White North, eh?


    Joe - thanks for the updates. Please don't be a stranger if you can help it, but I know how time goes - there never is enough of it.

    I'm very sorry for all your losses - especially Bubba. I know how much you loved him.
    Me, Abzilla and the Helomonster.

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    So sorry for all your losses. It sounds like you had some really great friends.

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    Joe, I too get side-tracked and dont visit as much as I want to...should.
    I'm terribly sorry to hear your gang had such a rough year.

    Aidan- UCH Kelrobins Yellow Brick Road aka/ The PorkChop

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    This year's Memorial Tree @ Christmas will shimmer with some extra-special shiny bells.

    Godspeed to the good dogs who have left you.

    Godbless for all you do on their behalves and the behalf of every other dog who is lucky enough to cross your path.

    Kelrobin Cleveland Street Denizen, CGC, RN [Parker]

    "Dear George: Remember, no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings. Love, Clarence" -- IAWL Screenplay (1946)

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    I'm so sorry for your losses. Godspeed for all of them. Thank you for all of your caring of the animals.

    Titan--Chocolate 4/15/01
    Moses--Yellow 10/12/09

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