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    DefaultAnother Note About Parker

    In regards to the Grr post I would like to add this. I have two grandsons ages 6 and 3. They love Parker and he loves them. He has never tried to grab them or harm them in any way no matter what they do to him. They know the rule is no running so there is none of that. He never tries this with any family members that come to the house they just leave and he stays in the garage or escorts them peacefullly to their car.

    Again he does not try to grab until these people are trying to leave. ????

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    Gemma gets all antsy when people leave too. She jumps and nips rather than grab clothing. I make her go to her mat and stay there. I would love to know why they do it too, so interested in the answers.

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    He knows the boys as part of his family. It seems to be outsiders that he cannot be trusted with. If I had a dog that could not be trusted with non-family, and could not train him to be 100% trusted with strangers, I would keep him locked away whenever visitors are around or expected. Whenever visitors are invited into the house, the dog is shut in another room. It takes an extra effort to do that, but you love Parker and want to keep him safe, and you recognize your responsibility to keep other people safe.

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