OMG what am I going to do with this dog. Hubs had his car worked on and the guy was going to drive up and drop it off. The dogs were outside. I had Parker on a leash but then hubs said it would be about an hour so I took it off. Hubs was wrong and about two minutes after I let him off I saw the guy start to pull in the drive. I grabbed parker to put it back on but of course seeing the van pull on he squirmed away. He was fine when the guy was talking to me not jumping, I was yelling no jumping and let the guy pet him, but again when the guy was walking away he jumped up and grabbed his pants and his shirt. Didn't get him but damn that just aggravates me so much. He is just so excitable and obnoxious. Is there anyone else with a dog that does this. If so, what do you do. I am just sick about this. I can't let him bite anyone he might have to be put down and that would just break my heart. I am about to cry thinking about it. I know some of you people probably think I'm a dumb shit because he does this but really he is a good dog otherwise.