Why I have the boys "go out of the kitchen"
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Thread: Why I have the boys "go out of the kitchen"

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    DefaultWhy I have the boys "go out of the kitchen"

    I guess I should have mentioned this in the other thread.

    The reason I have Seamus and Flynn leave the kitchen is that I still have the beagles (Meg, Darwin) in there eating. Neither lab would dream of bothering another dog's bowl (well, maybe Flynn would) but Meg is the Food Thief of the Universe and I have to guard Darwin so she doesn't charge his bowl.

    If the boys remained in the kitchen while Darwin tries to eat, Flynn would be coming over to me for kisses (Darwin perceives this close proximity to his bowl as a threat), Seamus would be trying to maneuver Flynn out of the room, Meg would slip into the melee and steal Dar's food and all hell would break loose.

    So. It's big boys out, I guard Darwin from Meg and we all live happily ever after.

    Seamus and Flynn

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    LOL I shouldn't laugh but my little Annie was the same way she loves food. She was my very first rescue a little gs/beagle mix. Annie was fed in the kitchen and Lowen in the dining room with a wall and baby gate between them. Annie would go to the gate and growl, poor Lowen not being able to see her would walk away from his bowl not taking any chances. We would have to correct Annie and get Lowen back to his bowl.

    Gotta love those beagle babies.
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    I have to have a room and 2 doors between Ernie and Gemma. If he so much as moves she thinks he is after her food..probably right, but he knows to live with both ears in tact even he wouldn't touch it. Half the time she doesn't want it, but he isn't having it either. lol

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    So you are the food police too. I do the same. neither Molly nor Abby would even look at the other's bowl. But Kate, well since she still pretty much inhales her food, would be at their bowls in a heartbeat. One of us has to stand guard until all three are finished eating. Kate still needs to be reminded to 'leave it."

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