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    DefaultConflicting commands

    When I am in the DP there are a number of exits - some gated, some not and from time to time, the dogs ( knowing that they shouldn't ) can't resist going through the opening to sniff the other side of the hedge !

    I say "In" and after the obligatory resistance they reluctantly stroll back into the park.

    When I am walking down the quiet country road leading to the valley, there are a number of driveways to private houses, and again - once in a while they will veer off the road and start going down the driveway to which I say "Out"

    Now how confusing am I ?

    They know what I mean from my tone but.........

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    I say back this way. How about trying "back"?
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    English must be very confusing for dogs.
    Another confusing word must be "you". "Where are you? What did you do? This is for you....etc" They must wonder who you is since it's a word applied to everyone. I have been trying to remember to substitute the dog's name for "you". It's easy to understand why they respond to body language better.

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    Gosh Colin you are confusing me too... *steps out of thread*
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    When I'm walking my dogs and they start up a drive, I say NO, let's go. or No, this way and keep walking, they come along. They probably don't know that IN means get inside the fence, but they know that IN means come back here. Who knows what they think? Sometimes I think they understand and sometimes they're dense. Or maybe it's me.

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    I am shocking for confusing them in casual situations when they know they shouldn't do something. I use just their name, come or all sorts of words "hey where are you going," get back here", "not that gate" and keep walking. Training them is different which is consistent and a set word.

    If I want you here now it is side. I often use "hey" so think they know hey as a command for anything outside obedience commands. I think they know by the tone of my voice. Yes I know I am bad, but these times for them and I are casual and they know the difference.

    I use hand signals a lot so often it is just the name and the hand signal.
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