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    DefaultWell that's new???

    Aspen will be 4 months on the 29th. She can be a terror but for the most part she's a pretty good puppy. She learns quickly and loves everyone she comes in contact with...well, until yesterday.

    My dad had came over and we were standing outside talking. Aspen was with me on her leash because we were in the front yard. Aspen loves my dad so got real excited when she saw him. Next thing i know i see the mailman coming up next door. I got a better hold on Aspen (like I always do when we come in contact with people) because i figured if she was going to do anything it would be jump on him and lick him. She loooovvveesss people. All of a sudden she started barking, this low bark that i only heard one other time. It was when a dog from across the street got loose and came to the fence at the back yard. She usually loves other dogs but i figured it had to do with him coming up by himself on her property. She barked and the dog walked away. So yesterday she starts that bark and I told her to stop. Then she starts growling. This dog does not growl. Again I told her to stop. Well the mailman didn't hear her growl so continued to walk up to me so i kind of stepped in front of her and took the mail and she didn't try to get to him or anything, which i was happy about, however usually she tries to get near everyone so they can pet her. I just found it weird. I don't want her to be aggressive and usually she loves people. I realize she's still a puppy so i was wondering if this is going to continue or get worse as she gets older?


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    I think she's about the age when they change from puppy-loving everyone to being more selective.
    Also, sometimes a dog just doesn't like a particular person. Maybe it's the smell, maybe something about the voice or body language; only the dog knows why.

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    Fear period at that age. Just keep actively socializing her. Also - a LOT of dogs react to people in uniforms.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.


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