10 weeks Puppy training
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Thread: 10 weeks Puppy training

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    Default10 weeks Puppy training

    Hi All,
    I'm New here and also new to Lab world.
    I've got 10 weeks old lab now and need to know if it's fine now to start training it or shall i wait till it's a little bit older?
    till now he only know his name and the command come as he always come unless their is something taking his total attention (as Food, Kids or someone else playing with him), so when shall i start training him for sitting and other commands.

    PS (i'm not sure he will ever get trained for potty as he love to pee and poo everywhere, even peeing beside his bed)

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    Of course you can train for sit/lie down/stay at this age. They are very eager learners as young puppies.

    I would however put most of my effort into housetraining - it requires a lot of attention from you to get him to learn where to pee/poop and if he is able to pee/poop a lot indoors you are not focussed on him enough. Are you using a crate?
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Yep, I would definitely start working on the basics daily. If your pup is food motivated, I would start there, possibly look into clicker training. I would also recommend trying to get into a puppy class - not only for the help with training, but more with the socialization aspect of puppy class. I didn't do much of it with Abbey and I wish I would have when she was a pup.

    With the housetraining - it was hard with Abbey, but the next time I have a pup I will do it this way. Pup sleeps in an appropriately sized crate (the big ones that would fit a grown Lab come with dividers) - only enough room for the pup to stand up, turn around and lay down.. Any more room than that and they will poo/pee in the corner and lay where it's clean.

    If you can't keep an eye on the dog - the dog needs to go into the crate. Outside trips are for potty only - outside after eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, etc. The best way is to keep the dog leashed inside at all times - so in case the pup does pee/poo inside, you can stop them immediately and get them outside to finish and praise, praise, praise!

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    I agree with the advice already given.

    Also for the potty training, we were pretty diligent in taking the kids out every 2-3 hours, even during the night until they learned to signal us that they needed to go. Charlie took about 3 weeks. Sam took about 8.

    We really concentrated on sit, VERY SHORT stay, and come-we only used come for things they would associate positively, never to correct. REALLY glad someone on this sight gave that advice on this forum.

    Kim, Charlie-chocolate, born 1-12-10 & Samantha-yellow, born 2-12-10

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    Crate crate crate..............................and love and praise

    and I'm jealous :-(

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    I did basic things with Kassa, and made it into games with lots of praise. I didn't make it too structured and didn't do it for too long. Once she got that glazed look and lost concentration I stopped.

    Kassa was horrible to house train. It took forever and just when I thought she had it...pee somewhere.

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    Aspen took about a month to potty train. Now she seems to have it down, however I'm always scared to say stuff like that about her because the minute i do she will start having accidents again (knock on wood) =)

    Aspen will be 4 months at the end of the month and she can sit, lay down, stay, shake, high five (my personal fav), turn around, leave it, she's pretty smart and catches on pretty fast but i started about week 9 so yes you should go ahead and start now.

    I didn't think she was ever going to get the potty training thing down either, but it's like one day she just got it and we've been good ever since. She can hold it pretty long during the day but i still take her out every couple of hours during the evening. She also potties on command, but it's so cute cause sometimes she will look at me like, "I don't have to pee mom, give me a break" then she will squat and at least try.


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