Torn Toenail recovery?
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Thread: Torn Toenail recovery?

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    DefaultTorn Toenail recovery?

    So, Remy split a toenail right into the nail bed last week and we had the vet remove it. It will supposedly grow back. We kept the bandages on for 3 days and then removed them. Trauma! The bandages were stuck to the surgery site! The crying...on both his and my part....(((shudder))). Never again. The vet can take it off next time.

    Anyways....its been about 5 days and he's been on antibiotics. He's still favoring it a bit, but is no longer the 3-legged wonder of earlier in the week. Last night I got a good look at the toe... courtesy of a lap attack. Um...ewww? So, the nail is gone, but you can still see at the nailbed where the nail is growing back...kind of like a tube...that is off course going to be filled with the quick. Which is red and gross and the width of the nail. Should I be able to see that? Should that be covered till the nail grows back? It looks dry...not wet or weepy, but Remy has been licking it. I've seen no actual blood. Its just....oogie. I put him back in the cone today to have him give it a break. Should it crust over over or something?
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    No advice here. Orson broke one off close to the nail bed but there was still a little bit of nail left.
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    Several years ago, Charlie actually pulled one of his nails off completely. There was no nail left at all, just the red nailbed. He was sore for a few days. Within about 10 days, he showed no lameness. Hope your kiddo recovers as quicklyl.

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    About 2 weeks when it happened to EMD, as I recall.
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