Do You Remember the Wild Dog Topic?
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Thread: Do You Remember the Wild Dog Topic?

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    DefaultDo You Remember the Wild Dog Topic?

    I couldn't find a link to it quickly but it was about wild dogs running through our property in a pack.

    For those interested, see if you can open the link below to get a more comprehensive insight into what we have right around us here in Ivanhoe. It's 3pages of spooky stuff ...

    Wild Dogs - Texas Hunting Forum

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    Spooky indeed. This is so common here in Mexico that even in the heart of Mexico City, in our "central park" called Chapultepec, the groups of feral dogs are a big problem. When I used to drive through the park daily I called them the wolves and they acted like them. Three times I had to help people from being attacked, letting them climb into my car. There´s a large group of people who defend them and feed them a lot, increasing the problem because they are not afraid of people. Yet these same people would only feed them, not get them vet attention, neuter them or assume any responsibility when they attack someone. A lot of people want them dead as there have been serious attacks on runners. In all cases these dogs are the victims of abandonment and mistreatment.

    The place I mountain bike also has several groups of feral and abandoned dogs. We have learned to scare them off using our bikes and have never attacked us. They just bark and if they launch, we launch towards them and scare them. Some of the abandoned dogs are awesome animals that approach us and come with us for the ride (which they love) and even if you offer them food they reject it. I have felt bad about them many times and wanted to adopt them, but in all honesty it´s impossible to save them all, so I leave them hoping they had a good time with us and hoping to see them the following week (once we had one that waited for us on sundays and was always so happy to see us).

    They are sad reality. I don´t favor killing them, especially shooting them (that´s very cruel), but also don´t favor leaving them to their own devices because they definitely become wild and could be dangerous. I feel so sorry for the ones that have friendly personalities...

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    I know that it's a real problem. That one guy on that forum hit the nail on the head. The only difference between the wild/feral dogs and coyotes is that the coyotes are naturally afraid of man - the dogs are not.
    Have you seen any sign of the ones you saw on your place?

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    In London they're having trouble with foxes...they're being fed by people and so are losing their natural fear of humans. Twin girls were attacked as they slept BBC News - Fox caught on camera after attack on twins in London and the parents were also 'attacked' by the 'foxes are fluffy, cute creatures who could never harm anyone' brigade. Just wait until rabies gets here - will the anti-hunters be so much on the side of the fox then?

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