Any opinions on doogie dooley pet waste systems?
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Thread: Any opinions on doogie dooley pet waste systems?

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    DefaultAny opinions on doogie dooley pet waste systems?

    I've been picking up Duke's poop a couple of times a week (easier when it's dry) and chucking it over the fence into the woods (I know, ewww). To keep the odor down, my hubby has been sprinkling lime on the pile but sometimes he slacks off and when the wind blows in our direction, phew!
    I've been wondering if a doggie dooley is worth the investment. I know a lot of people put it in a trash bag and then leave it for trash pickup. We live in the boondocks and have to take our own trash to the dump.
    Any opinions?

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    I don't know about doggie dooley, however, I recently hired the services of a dog waste pick-up company called "Doggy Doo" here in Vancouver (British Columbia). I'm not sure about New Jersey, but we are not allowed to through pet waste (dog and cat) into our normal garbage for weekly pick up. This means, that we have been picking up the dog waste in those individual pet waste bags and then when we have pail full, we would take them to the nearby off-leash park and dump them into the dumpster there where it is picked up and disposed of properly. This was becoming a bit of an inconvenience as we have moved and live quite far from the nearest dog park, meaning the poop was piling up. The company that picks up the dog waste is great - they come weekly, and they provide a clean, sterlized bucket with a liner in it each week. Each bucket has a deodorizing 'puck' attached to the lid, so when you open the pail up to add, you don't get a nose full of poop smell. If it's economical for you, I would totally use the service. I pay about $11 per pick-up.

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