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    Coolold dog new puppy

    I have a question back in march I had to put my male black lab down and I have a yellow female how is extremely lonely and depressed I am wondering if a new puppy would help but I wanted some advice before I bit off more than I could chew

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    How old is your lab and how does she get along with other dogs? Is she friendly and social towards other dogs and likes to play to with them or is she calm and just likes to hang around?

    Depending on her personality it could be better to find a suitable adult for company or a pup, but remember pups can be ruthless with adults, so if she doesn´t like that then a pup won´t be a good idea.

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    From your subject line I gather your yellow girl is older. Puppies can be annoying to an oldster; pups want to play and oldsters want to daydream and think about things.

    I like blackandyellow's reply.

    Seamus and Flynn

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    I just introduced a puppy to my brood this summer. Kendall and Sophie are 8. Willow is now almost 5 months old and a little ball of energy. Sophie puts up with her - lets her climb all over her, chew on her ears/tail, etc. Kendall is not quite so tolerate and lets Willow know exactly how she feels. Willow is relentless and doesn't always get the message. They are getting along for the most part, but at least once a day, Kendall gives that warning growl to "keep the heck away from me, kid".

    I have a feeling that Kendall would rather not have an annoying little sister around, but everyone is adapting and getting along for the most part.

    Good luck with whatever choice you make! Adopting an older lab is a great idea!

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    I'm sorry for your loss I imagine your girl is a bit lonely, so adding another dog might help with that. As the others have mentioned, I would also consider rescuing an adult. I just rescued Kolby in December (he's about 5-6yrs old) and he is very active with the other dogs. I would imagine a pup might be harder to deal with for an older dog, but plenty of people have had good experiences with bringing in puppies with older dogs, too.

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    There's no way of telling how your yellow girl will immediately react to a new puppy. In the past, I have twice introduced a Lab puppy to a 10 year old Lab who recently lost their brother/sister dog. Twenty years ago, I introduced female yellow pup Kasa to 10 YO black Lab, Heidi. Heidi was acting like an old dog, moving slowly from arthritis, not much tail wagging, but when she met puppy Kasa, she was immediately rejuvinated, thrilled with her new companion and played again.
    Ten years ago, when Kasa was 10YO, I introduced puppy Mitzi. Kasa was indifferent, did not play with her, growled and showed teeth at puppy antics, but never snapped at her. After a few months when Mitzi was bigger, they were sidekicks.
    Nellies Mom introduced an older Lab to her Nellie, and they get along well.
    Whatever you decide, your yellow girl will probably be glad to have a companion again.

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