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    DefaultCrates and Kids/Toddlers

    Pitch still is in his crate, and will probably be a crate Lifer! I always leave the crate open when he isn't in it. Giving him the option to go in it if he likes, and there are times when I am up late, and he does put himself to bed.

    My question is, I have 3 children, ages 1, 3, and 5. They like to go into Pitch's Crate and play. Pitch has no problems with this. Should I not allow them to go in his crate, making this only his area? Or should it be fine that they use his area when he isn't.

    I use to have a labX before Pitch. He was extremely cage protective. Even bit a small child that entered his cage while he was in it.

    I know Dogs are animals, as much as we feel they are almost humans at times. I don't see Him becoming agressive with this...but just gets me thinking. I see a lot of cute pics that people take where they put their kids in the cages and lock them in. What are your opinions on this? Should I let them play, or keep it off limits, and leave it for just him??

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    Actually letting him get used to people being around his crate without him reacting is a great idea. If he doesn´t mind the kids around his crate I´d say it´s ok, BUT when your dog needs to rest then he should not be molested by the kids, even if he´s not protective of it (we all need our space to nap). Whenever he´s not using it I don´t see why kids can´t be around it. Just don´t let them bite the edges! Lol

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    Lock them in there and take the dog for a walk!

    It's not the destination, it's the journey!

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    What you are doing and the others advice sounds solid to me. Angel (my lab) and I used to live with my Best friend (Jodi) and her little girl (Malina). Angel and Malina used to nap together in Angel's crate at times. Both were very young and the cage was way over sized to begin with. Jodi and I would look at each other and instantly know that something was up because both kid and dog were silent. We'd peek our head around the corner...and sure enough two bugs in a rug snuggled up.
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