Behavior problem: unfounded fears (NLR)
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Thread: Behavior problem: unfounded fears (NLR)

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    DefaultBehavior problem: unfounded fears (NLR)

    My friend's granddog, a goldendoodle who looks much like Cappy's Rusty, is just under a year old. My friend and her retired husband have a 2YO Golden and keep the Goldendoodle in their home with their golden during the day while their daughter's family is away at work and kids in school: doggie day care. The young dog has developed an irrational fear of some men, including my friend's husband who loves dogs. Same dog was not afraid of anyone when he was a puppy. Now they are wondering if he would rather be home alone during the day instead of in a house where he's afraid of someone.
    The daughter had the dog from an 8 wk old puppy and know he wasn't abused. The dog loves to play with the 2YO Golden retriever but not in the house.

    Any suggestions on how to deal with irrational fears in young dogs. ( I know, don't coddle) Is the dog better off home alone during the day or in a home where he's afraid of someone?

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    Patricia McConnell has a post in her blog about adolescent onset fear behaviors - what she calls Juvenile Onset ShynessOne Step Forward, Several Steps Back » TheOtherEndoftheLeash- check here >

    I had a dog who developed shyness/fears between 4 and 8 months and I had a hell of a time getting her to behave normally again. Took years. You may be best consulting a behaviorist as this is something that you can make worse easily. In the short term - I would have the person she is fearful of toss her treats constantly.
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    That is pretty much exactly what I was going to say.

    Angus is afraid of men, and I've had him since five weeks and feel pretty confident that he has never been abused by a man. But it's true, it does take a lot of work to get through it. Angus still has issues, and I suspect he always will. If I had more men coming in and out I would have them toss treats. Actually, our behaviorist suggested rolling treats, as the tossing action can seem to them a sudden movement that can be interpreted as a threat.

    Would it be possible for your friend's husband to feed the dog while he is there?

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