Bruno doesn't chew food
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Thread: Bruno doesn't chew food

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    DefaultBruno doesn't chew food

    If there is anything less than an inch across, it goes down without being chewed. He has been on the Diamond L&R which is tiny kibble so I didn't worry too much, but I got a bag of Diamond L&R for large breeds which is big kibble. He just swallowes it. On walks, I treat them with Variety Snaps which he swallows whole. I worry that his teeth will be bad if he doesn't chew. He does drink enough water after eating. Is there any way to train chewing?
    (I spread his meals out on a cookie sheet to keep him from eating it all at once. )

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    If you find an answer let me know.
    Molly swallows treats...biscuits too. Looks like Kate is going to be the same way. Thank goodness the puppy food is small pieces. I notice Molly will chew a few bits of her kibble but swallows most whole. Abby does chew her food.

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    Marrow bones get them to use chewing to remove the meat from the bone and get to the center. I know i worry about Aidan...he's an inhaler also. At least with a weekly marrow bone, I see him using his teeth. The large sized milk bones, he also has to chew.

    Aidan- UCH Kelrobins Yellow Brick Road aka/ The PorkChop

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    shoot i don't even have to hide pills for my dogs. I throw them in their food. They swallow it all whole!
    Gryph is my only one who will chew a piece or two.

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