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    DefaultGulfstream ... GHG Full Bodies

    We bought 2 dozen of them for last season. Also picked up 4 of their resters on permanent bases. The yellow and orange bills and the feet on all of them faded by 50% or more. Other areas of the body lightened in color also.

    We experimented with different paints and ... believe it or not ... found one of the most durable for touch up to be an acrylic in a 4 oz bottle from Walmart for $1.47! Had to blend some yellow and brown to get the "mustard" drake bill color but got a pretty close match. Also toned down the orange from the bottle with a little black. Bought a cheap pain brush assortment too. Total investment in 4 paints and the brushes was under $10.

    Grandson Jay helped me put on two coats with 24 hours dry time in between and the look is good. And ... they take a reasonable amount of banging around without chipping. Sure beats the price of decoy paint and in much smaller amounts. Now, a little white and blue for wing speculum and we'd be all set.

    Then my grandson wanted to check out the new pigeon holding pen before we worked the pup on live flyers this morning.

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    Nice work guys.

    Amy & Kimber

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