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    DefaultDog Day Update :)

    We went to Dog Day yesterday. It was SO muddy and yucky, but we still had a great time.

    Got there just in time for the Top Dog announcement. It was pretty anti-climactic. Not many people were around the stage. We did get to see Lyra and her owner. Lyra was even spookier in person, both looks and the way she acted. This may have been Lyra's first time out of the house. She was darting around on the leash trying to get away. She's a rescue, so who knows how long they've had her and what she's been exposed to (or not). Her owner was very young. So, it's cool. Good for her. Still, I couldn't help but think how good Angus would have looked accepting his award.

    We didn't have as much time to spend as usual, as in-laws were due at our house about 1:00. So we hit the vendors next, and lo and behold, the find of the century: A homemade dog treat company called "Two Good Dogs." They were selling t-shirts with their logo on the front: A black dog and a white dog. Perfect! We both got a shirt. The back says "LOVE YOUR DOGS."

    We'd seen a lot of the vendors before, so we were able to cover a lot of ground pretty quickly. I did see one I was interested in: A chiropractor. I took Simon from Kevin and asked if one of the people there was the doctor. She was. I showed her a spot on Simon's back. He has a cowlick in the middle of his spine, and if you feel his spine the vertebra is sticking out in that area. She examined him and said it did need to come back in line, and she could help. She was very nice - I liked her a lot. Coincidentally, she works out of the office with vet #2 that I've visited recently.

    I looked up when we were done and saw our neighbors and Owen, their puppy, so it was on to the "cutest puppy" contest to cheer for them. About nine dogs were entered, and sadly they did not seems some teeny tiny little purse dog always ends up winning that. Boo! The boys were perfect little angels throughout this, and made us so proud. One clueless lady had an 11 month old German Shepherd "puppy" (quotes because he was enormous!), and she was letting this dog lunge at every dog in the near vicinity. And thought it was funny. The bad thing about Dog Day is that there are sooo many clueless owners. I have a picture of him lunging that I'll post later. Seriously. So out of control, you should have seen.

    We also saw quite a few people we knew, so it was like a big party. Simon was HILARIOUS whenever he saw someone he knew. Our agility instructor/behaviorist/treat shop owner had a booth there, and when Simon saw her, he absolutely lost his mind, erupting into jumping around while barking his high-pitched bark: "MOM! MOM! LOOK! LOOK! We KNOW this lady! We like her! I have fun at her place!" Kat and I were both just cracking up laughing. Simon did the same thing later when he saw our friend from the club who has a Basset Hound. "MOM! MOM! IT'S RANDEE! LOOK! WE LOVE RANDEE!" LOL

    Anyway, a great time had by all. And, when the in-laws came over, Angus and Simon were ANGELS EXTRAORDINAIRE, charming the whole group (men included!!!) They put on a little show of their tricks, and everyone was very impressed. I was so proud of them...they were little wiggle butts, but never jumped on anyone and, most impressive, loved all the men as much as the women.

    One question I got that you all would appreciate: "They look so nice and clean. How often do you bathe them?"

    Kevin: "Never."

    That dropped some jaws. LOL

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    Good boys! It sounds like a great day. Dozer gets extra excited when he sees some he knows too. Isn't it cute how they can be?
    Dozer (04/01/09) & Moose (01/02/13)
    Cybil (02/02/00 - 02/20/09)

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    WTG Angus and Simon!
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
    Sweet Emma, 16th of February 1996~26th of November 2010
    Always in my heart and soul. Together forever, my love....

    Nikki 6 months

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    So glad you had a good day, and happy the boys enjoyed all the company, gently.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    I cracked up at the part where Simon got excited when he knew people..! Abbey is the same way.. she gets the whole-body-wag going and will sometimes cry in anticipation. So funny!

    I'm jealous - sounds like you had fun.. but I know what you mean about idiot dog owners - they are everywhere!!

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