New pup now or later??
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Thread: New pup now or later??

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    DefaultNew pup now or later??

    Well we are going back and forth with this one. My husband and I have both agreed we would like to get one more lab. He wants to get one around December, I think we should wait until Gracie is a little better behaved. She still is not completely obedient. She will do all the sit, down and stay's...even with distraction most of the time when we practice, but it all goes out the window when company is over or she see's another animal. I think we should wait until this improves. He thinks another dog will be good for her. She absolutely loves other dogs, but I am afraid the little she has learned will be ruined with a puppy around. If anyone has any suggestions on this I would appreciate them. Thanks
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    Generally accepted wisdom is to wait at least 18 mos between dogs - myself, I prefer 3 years.

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    I have always raised two young dogs together, I am currently on my 4th pair, they have always been around 12 months apart in age from puppies, apart from my last couple who were the same age as Jasper joined us as a rescue aged 1 the same as Jonah who we'd had from a pup.

    I have never had any problems with having 2 youngsters together, we all have our preferences and mine is to raise youngsters together, that being said, you tend to lose them to old age at a similar time which can be hard

    We also ensured lots of obedience training too with the first dog before the second one arrived.

    Good luck with your decision.

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    there are different theories and philosophies on this. alot of it boils down to what works for you. If you feel you need to keep working iwth teh current pup to get them more trained (which is an EXCELLENT idea, it will NOT be easier with another puppy who needs training as well) then go that way.

    My personal philosophy, given I only see myself with two dogs:
    I want enough space between the two dogs so that I never have two seniors. I like to be active with my dogs (long walks, running, dogs sports) so I want one active. Plus I want the one well trained so they need less intense day to day training. For me this is about 5-6 years between the dogs.
    - The older one is still quite young and active so able to play with the puppy.
    - when the older one hits their senior years (say 12) the younger one is still in their prime years (6-7years of age)
    - good balance of expenses (puppy expense while adult should not have anything major, but then puppy expense are compelted by the time the older pup is require extra med as a senior (pain killers and such
    - i can still compete at least one dog at all times.

    That is just my two cents, everyone is different. But seeing my family dog at the age of 16 (we are VERY lucky for this) who needs lots of extra help getting around and needing extra expenses in pain meds (but they work well so he is pain free and full of life)
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Everyone is different. We have three labs and they are each 3 1/2 years apart. Molly is 6 1/2, Abby is 3 1/2 and Kate is 12 weeks. I like the fact the two older ones are trained, come when called & are no problem. They have been through several obedience classes and both do hunt tests. Now we have our hands full with the puppy and we can concentrate on her obedience. You know what is best for you.


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