I see so much objection to anyone buying a purebred dog these days on the Net!
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Thread: I see so much objection to anyone buying a purebred dog these days on the Net!

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    DefaultI see so much objection to anyone buying a purebred dog these days on the Net!

    This is one of the reason I wanted to come to this forum.

    people who try to make you feel GUILTY for buying a purebred dog!

    Now, trust me, I have no problem with people adopting dogs from pounds. Many of my dogs were pound puppies and mongrels, but I thought it was high time I got myself a purebred Lab with papers.

    I love labs. I also wanted a dog with good health. And I wanted to see the parents of the dog before I adopted it.

    Does anyone run into this online? You mention you have bought a purebred dog, and you are berated for NOT adopting a pound puppy or dog?

    I know people can be mean online, but I think it's my business what kind of dog I get. I think that as long as I take good care of my dog and treat him well, what does it matter I have spent money on the dog or just got a rescue dog?

    I've known Labs all my life and always found them to be kind, sweet, gentle dogs. That's why I got mine.
    I like their disposition, plain and simple, and I like the way they look. That glossy black fur (sorry I'm a black lab fanatic) and those sweet soft ears that surround their beautiful faces.. hehehe....

    It's hard not to like a Lab, imho.

    Everytime I got out, people compliment me on how beautiful my dog is, and how nice he is! He loves people, and he LOVES other dogs!

    I also like that about Labs, their ability to get along with EVERYONE.

    He even loves my cat, who, at 14, is not always the sweetest feline she could be, but I think she's adapted to him being in the house.

    She was licking his face last week, though they often play fight.

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    That was especially obvious in the deluge of 100s of angry responses to the initial article in the NY Times of "The Puppy Diaries". The author is writing a weekly column about raising a Golden Retriever puppy. It appeared (to me) to be an orchestrated attack, maybe by PETA people?, of fanatics.

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    Defaultwell maybe not PETA

    but certain from these "new-age" type of thinking, that we are going to go Green and all this other stuff and save the world! lol

    I think there are people who cannot or do not wish to ever see another person's point of view, many many of who are on the web daily!

    I see in my community they are starting this massive campaign to make it "illegal" to tie your dog outside!

    You MUST have a fence otherwise it's thought of as animal cruelty by some.
    Sure, I don't wish to have my dog outside on a chain 24/7 but I think it's ALOT better for him to be outside in the fresh air where he can do his business and chase sticks & squirrels than be cooped up in the house where he could possibly chew electrical chords & get into household products that would be toxic to him!

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    There is always someone that thinks whatever you do should be done differently or not done at all.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    I agree with the no tie-out thing, FAR too often it is abused, with dogs tied for many hours a day, sometimes full-time. Unacceptable. Besides, all sorts of dangers face dogs left outside unsupervised. One of our own members had their pup on a tie-out, he got tangled and took off after something and ended up breaking his leg.

    Realistically, people who disagree with breeding dogs probably have experienced some of the uncountable questionable breeding practices that are out there. If they never took the time to learn what a TRUE reputable breeder is, then I really can't blame them for their anti-breeding stance. In most cases, I am also anti-breeding, as it takes a lot to do it right, and most breeders simply don't.

    When you don't delve deeply into an issue it's easy to paint those involved with the same brush. Thats why education is so crucial.
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    I don't believe in the tie out either ! More dangerous to my way of thinking than a Lab proofed house - not least because they could be stolen - strangle themselves etc if not supervised ! I take it that you mean unsupervised ?

    In my opinion the danger with a Lab left loose indoors is the fact that they are too young , not that the house is too dangerous " Going back to the "supervised" issue, my boys will be naughty sometimes, but not if I am there because they know better !

    Labs will get away with what ever they can when you are not there !

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