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    DefaultIrritated paw help

    Hi! Clarence and Fitzgerald have both been licking their paws a TON in the past 2 days. Fitzgerald's rear paws are really red and we've actually had to put the cone on him to stop the licking. They both had baths yesterday at their trainer's store and it was worse after they came home. I'm wondering if the shampoo irritated them...anything we can put on the paws to give them some relief? I might get some Benadryl spray today and see if that helps. TIA!

    Leigh, Clarence and Fitzgerald

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    Don't know if it's available in the US but I use a product called Hexawash. Apex Laboratories | Fact Sheet: HEXAWASH SKIN CLEANER

    It's the same stuff vets use to scrub up with before operating. My 2 are allergic to something in the lawn & given the fact my lawn has at least 12 different kinds of grass, it's impossible to know which one(s) are irritating them.

    I mix up 5ml/cup in a jar & soak their feet in it for a few seconds when I see them licking them. Brings instant relief. Hopefully you can get it or something equal to it where you are.

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    Have chlorohexidine for cat. a bottle cost about $10 from vet. Same active ingredient as Garth's stuff.

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    In addition to the above, do they take Benadryl already? It might also help to rinse their paws when they come in from outside.

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