Have you entered the Labrador Life Line Cyber Dog Show yet?
It's our annual online photo contest that runs through June 18. Just two more weeks to get your entries in!

Last year we had over 300 entries, a new record...we want to surpass that this year, but need your help to do that!

Now go get your dogs and grab the camera--stack them, pose them, dress them, leave them snoozing on the couch, take them outside for some action shots, tire them out so that we can see their big tongues after playing ball games! We have many Fun categories to choose from! You don't even have to have a lab!

Or, enter our Regular categories- no need to hire a handler, no need to get to ringside early to get your number. Just send in a stacked show photo - no need to carry crates into the exhibition hall, you won't even need to bring poop bags or a grooming table!!! The Labrador Life Line Cyber Show is just like the real thing, all the way to winners dog, best of winners and Best of Breed. Champions can compete in Best of Breed. The only drawback, no AKC points, but think of the gas you'll save!! (and our entry fees are cheaper than AKC).

Rules and regulations can be read here:
Cyber Dog Show Rules
Then you can register here:
Labrador Life Line Cyber Dog Show

And join in on the fun!

All proceeds from the Cyber Show go towards helping labs in need.