Another split nail :(
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Thread: Another split nail :(

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    DefaultAnother split nail :(

    So we've been away and the dog's nails are realllllly long. Haven't got around to clipping them since we've been back and last night I noticed one of Remy's nails was split back to the fur. No blood. No limping. I can't see the "raw" part of the nail inside...just looks like the top layer. If you touched it though he yelped. So this morning I figured I would have to go to the vet with him, but the split piece has broken off and now you can touch it with no reaction from him so...

    Should I bring him to the vet or just see how it goes? I'm thinking if we just keep an eye on it and clip it when its long long as he's not bleeding or in pain I shouldn't worry?

    Or should I worry?
    Melissa, Remy & Brooklyn

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    I have been through this soooo many times with Angus. I am thinking if he's not in pain or bleeding, and you can't see any exposed quick, you could just take the wait and see approach. Is it his thumbnail or on one of his toes? Angus' was always his thumbnail, which doesn't touch the ground when he walks, so I guess there was less to worry about with infection on it.

    Do you have a magnifying glass? I would have never dreamed, when my sister got me one for Christmas many years ago, that it would become one of my favorite dog medicine chest tools. LOL It really helps you see what is going on with things like this.

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    I am not suggesting you do the following, but it is what I do frequently for minor cracks (oyster shells in training water will give you lots of little cracks). For anything other than minor cracks, I go to the vet. Crack "all the way up to the toe" I go to vet. Otherwise, I dremel the nail as short as possible. Clean well with hydrogen peroxide, just in case the crack goes deeper than it looks. Then, I coat the crack with superglue to give it some strength, being careful not to get the glue on the fur or between the toes or on anything other than the nail(nail pointed down, let gravity take the superglue). Then, go train.

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    Aww poor baby. Good healing htoughts for sweet Remy.
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
    Sweet Emma, 16th of February 1996~26th of November 2010
    Always in my heart and soul. Together forever, my love....

    Nikki 6 months

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    Good thoughts for Remy! Henry has split two of his nails in the past two months... the first one bled like the dickens so we went to the e-vet and they removed the loose dangly part and bandaged his paw up for 24 hours. The second time didn't bleed, but like Remy was owie for probably a good week. I just kept it clean with peroxide and watched for infection.

    Hope Remy's nail heals up quickly!

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