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    DefaultI love the way....

    I've had a great weekend with the dogs. We had a superdogs show in Oshawa yesterday and they were both stellar. One of our best shows to date. Especially Baloo, stayed focused in the midst of all kinds of craziness and was a pro during "pat 'n chat", a special event after the show where the public can meet the dogs. He was swarmed by 7-10 kids at any given time and was just awesome.

    They always make sure to point out to the audience that the dogs in the show belong to the handlers, that they are loved family pets (you'd be surprised how many people think otherwise... sheesh). It always gets me thinking about the whole dog, and how while I love sharing them, no one really knows them like I do and can't *really* understand why I love them so.

    So I thought I'd work on a little list for both dogs of the things I love about them that probably no one but me even notices, and I'd love to hear yours for your dogs too.

    For Baloo, I love the way...

    ... your butt hair stands straight up in the air for a couple days after you've dried off from swimming.
    ... you get this "look" in your eye 0.25 seconds before a zoomie attack hits
    ... you look at me and lick your nose while you pee. Every time.
    ... you sleep on your back beside me in bed, legs in the air, lips flapped up in a garish sleepy grin
    ... you get "sleepy eyes" when anyone gives you chest scratches
    ... you scare yourself when you give a big-boy "woof!"
    ... you cuddle with your toys when you think no one is watching
    ... you roll around on your back spontaneously, just cause.

    For Peanut, I love the way...

    ... I swear I can see steam come out of your ears when you're learning something new, because you're trying so, so hard to get it right
    ... you've perfected the rest-chin-on-leg-stare-up-with-liquid-brown-eyes look when you really, really want something
    ... you're not a cuddler during the day, but at night you need to be touching me to fall asleep. Usually effectively pinning my right arm to my body, but that's alright
    ... your little ears are more expressive than any dramatic production put on this century
    ... you love to sunbathe, and will happily join me on the deck to do so for as long as I'll let you
    ... you're always near and if you're not, you come and "check in" every so often
    ... your whole body wiggles in place when you're happy.

    These are in progress, as theres much, much more I can add I'm sure.

    Share yours!
    Baloo - 5 year old black lab
    Peanut - 7 year old minpin
    Monster - 3-ish year old frenchie/jack, rescue
    We're Superdogs!

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    I love the following about Harvey:

    - the way he is always so happy to see me, even if i have only been out of the room for a min
    - the way he licks my hand when i am upset.
    - the way he 'bear' begs
    - the way he tilts his head when he is trying to work something out.
    - the way he smiles in his sleep
    - the look of shock on his face every time he does a 'bottom burp'
    - the look he gives me if dinner is late
    - most of all, i love the fact that he is a 'cuddler' and i get to share that with him.

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    Gracie, I love the way...
    -your entire but wiggles when you wag your tail
    -that you get excited every single time you see me
    - you spin in circles when your extremely excited
    - you rest your head and paw out the window when we go for a ride
    - you kiss my hand to say good morning
    - you just love everyone
    -you cross your front paws all the time
    -and that gentle face that I can not even describe... when i pet and kiss your beautiful face

    Lola, I love the way...
    -you pick up all the socks on the floor every morning..and carry them around for 5 min.
    -that you are always happy to see me
    -your constant kisses...she kisses more than any dog I know
    -your gentle way
    -you snuggle up with Gracie
    -you softly moan when you want to eat
    -you look at me with those beautiful brown eyes
    -you try so hard to be my protector

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    Oh boy, I hope I don't start crying.. haha.

    Abbey, I love the way...
    -you spontaneously burst into butt-tucks, making a race track of wherever you are.
    -you curl up right between my legs and fit so perfectly.
    -you get so antsy when you realize we are doing agility or swimming.
    -you stick right next to me when I'm sad.
    -you love everyone, maybe too much.

    Kolby, I love the way..
    -you behave so nicely for everyone.
    -you accept snuggles and pats while slowly wagging your tail.
    -you can't seem to get close enough to me.. ever!
    -you go into panic mode when you try to greet someone and can't find a toy.
    -you look at me when you realllly want something, droopy face and sad eyes.

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    Molly: I love...
    -your excitement when I come home from work
    -the way you tilt your head when I talk to you, like you really understand.
    -your gentleness
    -the way you love everyone & animals too

    Abby: I love...
    -your eagerness to please
    -your desire & drive
    -how you put up with Kate's tormenting
    -your laid back attitude in the house

    Kate: I love....
    -that you have to be wherever we are
    -how you snuggle so close
    -your friendliness
    -how you keep up with the big dogs

    But most of all I love that all three of you love to give big kisses and just give so much unconditional love. All three of you are always so excited when I come home.

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    Seamus: I love your dog intellect and that you are so devoted to me
    Flynn: I love your astounding good looks and your never ceasing joy for life!
    Meg: I love your tenderness and motherly ways with any new life brought into the house
    Darwin: Haha! Oh, little boy! I love your busy-busy-busy little bee self and that you never fail to tuck into my knees at bedtime.
    Rusty: I love your independence and your ability to ALWAYS make a stranger feel like your long lost and adored relative.
    Scamp: I love what your name implies about you: Just a happy little scamp.
    Hope: More than love, I just sit back and admire your grace and courage under fire.

    I think I need to get another yellow boy, but Paddy had all the above qualities, and more, in spades.

    Seamus and Flynn

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