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    My neighbour on Facebook, kept asking me to breed Alfie with her yellow lab. He couldnt anyway he has been done not that I would. She uploaded a pic of her girl and underneath put this:

    Temporary husband or gigolo wanted- must be the smaller "show type", be of good health and not necessarily with papers. Needs to be good natured as at least one puppy will train as an assistance dog. You can see the gorgeous mollie is yellow but would consider her man to be of any Labrador colour, she isn't rascist!
    Please get in touch. Long legged field bred types need not apply.

    I could seriously slap her!

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    Wow. That sucks. I don't know what, if anything, you can do at this point. Perhaps you could give her phone number out and the people of JL could call and tell her why this is a bad idea???
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