Ryley was Adopted, Rocky plays with a poodle?
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Thread: Ryley was Adopted, Rocky plays with a poodle?

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    DefaultRyley was Adopted, Rocky plays with a poodle?

    Ryley went to his new home yesterday morning. Rocky and I have been very busy since. I do miss Ryley, he would have fit right in with me and Rocky but...as amazing as he was he wasn't "the one". Anyhoo, his new family will absoultely love him (already do).

    Now I was very curious to see Rocky adjust to Ryley's departure. They played repeatedly together during hte day and by the end Rocky seemed to initiate some play - for Rocky this is huge, he seldom play iwth other dogs (he is terrific with them but just not into dog play).

    Today at agility class, it was hot and my lazy ass boy was trying to get the standard poodle next to us to PLAY! He is usually passed out in class even when it is cool between our turns - but there he was initiating play with another dog!

    I was please to see this - there is more hope for Rocky playing with other dogs than I thought originally (my biggest fear about getting a second dog is them never playing, putting all the exercise pressure (and attention pressure) on me alone. This gives me hope things would eventually fall into place and there would be a better balance.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    That is wonderful news.

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    I am so glad to hear that Ryley has gone to his forever home with a wonderful loving family. He was such a handsome boy.

    I'm wondering if your fostering is helping Rocky becoming more playful with other dogs

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    Awesome news for Ryley! Woohoo!

    You know, Rhys isn't a big 'plays with dogs' dog. He tolerates and is fantastic with each and every dog that he meets, dog park, our house, classes etc. But doesn't ever, I repeat ever initiate play.

    With Ginny, she'd get him to play. Its amazing how some dogs just 'get along'. isn't it?
    'Don't grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.'
    ~ Michelle Held

    Rhys, Ruby and Nola

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    Great news

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    Aww Ryley was such a sweetheart - I can see how he was easily adopted. As for Rocky, that is awesome news - I hope you will soon find the perfect fit for the both of you

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