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    DefaultSeizure question

    I did post this in "health" but thought I might get a faster response in"chat". Sam woke up this morning and went into a grand mal seizure. This happened once last July. Both times he starts to throw up and then the seizure starts. Obviously seizures are complex, but my question you think the throwing-up is the trigger or is it just a reaction to the mis-fire in his brain? Trying to figure this all out! I hate to see him in that state and thought maybe someone else has experienced this. Any thoughts would be welcome.

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    My last lab had several grand mal seizures. After she was put on phenobarb they stopped. I would talk to your vet.
    Nellie, CGC
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    I don't think the vomitting is causing the seizure, but it's probably a result of it happening.

    I had a Golden with the Grand Mal type seizures. We had to keep him on Primidone (it's like phenobarb) for the rest of his life. He only had three major seizures, but they were very scary and the reason we had to keep him so medicated was my other dog would try to kill him when it happened. I could not chance it happening when I was not home. Very scary.

    Talk with your vet about getting your dog started on the phenobarb. It really does help them and its not very expensive.

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    Get a full work up before you consider any medication, see a neurologist.

    That said, I think the vomiting is a reaction to 'feels not right' Owen used to vomit before and after a seizure.

    Pheno helped, barely.
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