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    DefaultThe hidden Kong Game

    One game we play every workday is the hidden Kong. As we leave for work each boy gets a stuffed Kong in their open crate. I also have a third Kong hidden somewhere in the house. Every day when we get home the hidden Kong has been discovered and cleaned out however until yesterday we were never sure which boy would find the Kong.
    Yesterday Liz's sister was staying over another day before heading home so I asked her to observe the ritual when we left. She sat quietly at the breakfast counter to keep and eye on the boys. One thing we knew is that Duke works on his Kong in his crate while Freckles prefers to work on his Kong on the carpet in front of the den sofa.
    Yesterday as predicted Duke chomped and banged away on his Kong while Freckles had his on the carpet. The hidden Kong was in a remote area of the formal dining room that we seldom use.
    SIL reported that as soon as Duke finished his Kong he came out and started to search the usual spots where I sometimes hide the Kong. Not finding it in the den he disappeared into the back bedrooms while Freckles continued to work on his first Kong. She said in just a few seconds Duke completed his sweep of the back rooms and almost like the Kong had a homing beacon attached he went into the dining room and found it. Score one for Duke.
    Now I was convinced that it was Duke who always found the third Kong, not so.
    This morning I did not have to leave for work so early so I stayed to observe the search for myself. This morning I wedged the third Kong between the wall and an old solid wood pocket watch sign that my father had to advertise his watch repair shop in the 40's. This watch is heavy about 2 1/2 feet in diameter and about 5" thick. It hangs out from the wall suspended by a bracket. This was the first time I had hidden the Kong behind that watch sign.
    Again, Freckles emerged to work on his Kong while Duke finished his in his crate. Again, as before, Duke finished and after a cursory check of the area of the den away from the watch he trotted off to the back of the house to search.
    Meanwhile I watch as Freckles finishes his Kong. At this point he is only a few feet away from the watch and immediately he starts to sniff around the area. With no Duke in sight Freckles zeroes in on the Kong and discovery's it behind the watch but he is not sure how to get it out. He sits and stairs at the watch thinking and as soon as Duke ventures back into the den Freckles pushes on the watch with his nose just enough to make the Kong drop and he claimed the prize. Duke is now in the kitchen still looking when I inform him that Freckles won the prize today.
    So the puzzle is solved. Both boys hunt for the prize. OK so this entire event amuses them for maybe ten minutes total but after such an exhausting exercise they both then retire to the bedroom to nap until we return from work.

    Duke and Freckles at their country home

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    What a great idea!! Sounds like they both are good at finding it.
    Sadie is a real PITA in the mornings with her Kong...I have created a monster. I hid(as in put up) both of hers because she wouldn't shut up and eat her regular food.

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    Great story.

    I leave kongs for Erns to find. When I first got him he had no idea. He hadn't been given treats so was totally clueless. He has become very good. Only problem he has become so good he sniffs out food in the pantry, trash, bags, pockets or any other place.

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    Ernie 25/11/01 adopted May 05
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    Excellent idea. Every once in a while, usually on a bad weather day, I'll hide carrots around the house and let them search for them. It's always fun to watch.

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