Why is Skippy doing this?
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Thread: Why is Skippy doing this?

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    DefaultWhy is Skippy doing this?

    For the past several days now Skippy has been sleeping in Emilu's bed. He has never done this. Skippy's has a very large bed in the livingroom tucked up under the piano. He spends the evening either sleeping between the couch and coffee table beside me, on the floor by the fireplace or in his bed. He always sleeps for the night on his bed. Emilu's bed is in the dining/kitchen area, tucked between some furniture and is much smaller. She spends the evening going in and out, in and out, sometimes napping on her bed, and then sleeps on her bed all night (when she doesn't sneak up on the couch). So now, Skippy has been sleeping on Emilu's bed all evening and night. He doesn't get up at all. Emilu is confused, because she goes to her bed and can't get on it. Nothing has changed except that we got the 2 cats, who really don't spend any time one place more than the other, and are often in the basement. Nothing else seems changed with Skippy, but I am starting to worry about him. He was just to the vets for his yearly check-up. I just think that he would be uncomfortable trying to sleep on a small bed, and I miss him in the living room with us.

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    Did one of the cats pee on his bed? Mine would avoid it like crazy...not likely, but check.

    Also if its cooler/warmer in one room rather than the next, that could be it too.
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    Nothing changed except you got 2 cats. I'd say that is a BIG change and probably has affected him in some way. Maybe he's feeling a bit insecure and gets security from sleeping on her bed?

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