Help - fleas! Borax or fogger
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Thread: Help - fleas! Borax or fogger

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    DefaultHelp - fleas! Borax or fogger

    Well, Mira made it to 13 years 7 months without a flea and now, due to rainy weather I think, she has a few fleas. She has a spot on her belly I thought was a hot spot and the vet found out it was from fleas.

    Mira has been treated but now what about the house? I am washing her bed covering in hot water with detergent and Borax and have rubbed Borax on her bed liner.

    I hate the idea of foggers and the vet said I could give Borax a try.

    Can you give me input on what has worked for you in getting rid of fleas?

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    I've only ever gotten fleas in the house twice. Years ago and I used foggers both times. They were very effective but a pain in the butt to prepare for and leave the house for about six hours.

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    Fleas do seem to be "popping" up everywhere. Plain borax may work but I can guarantee Fleabuster powder will work on your carpets and under the upholstery. You sprinkle it on, broom it in, and your good for a year. Just wait two days before vacuuming. I have been using this product since 1993. At first you had to hire the company to treat your house. Now you can buy the powder on line and do it yourself.

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    I don't get flea infestations in the house since using Frontline. It breaks the flea cycle. Aren't you using something along those lines for your dogs?

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