Update on Possible ACL Tear
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Thread: Update on Possible ACL Tear

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    DefaultUpdate on Possible ACL Tear

    We just had our appointment with the ortho vet, who does NOT think that Sunshine, my 10 YO "rubenesque" female, tore her ACL. She is exhibiting no symptoms right now, and he said that although there are usually peaks and valleys with torn cruciate ligaments, her "peak" is too high! She seemed indifferent to his manipulation of her knee, and he said he felt slight laxity, but nothing alarming. So I have to keep her quiet (ha, ha) for another 2 weeks and then if she starts showing symptoms again, to bring her back. He also said she could stand to lose about 7 lbs., which is news to no one.

    What a relief! Let's hope he's right!

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    That is great news. I hope she'll be okay with no surgery needed.

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