Solution for yeasty ear problems.
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Thread: Solution for yeasty ear problems.

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    DefaultSolution for yeasty ear problems.

    Let me give you a lil advice my personal physician gave me, it made sense and IT WORKS!!! What happens when a women gets antibiotics, hmmm a yeast infection? Well think about it (after months treating my poor guys ears with antibiotics and drops), you give a woman antibiotics and then what do they do, cause a yeast infection....well...

    My physician told me to try some Monistat-7 (I use the generic brand) on the dogs' ears....No more antibiotics and using the yeast cream, his ears are nice and cleared up...I just put a lil in his inner ear canal, then swab some around the outer rim of the reddened ear, and it cleared it all cheap too. (Ok kind of embarrasing buying a couple of tubes, but hey, I'll suffer embarrassment to save my puppers ears!)

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    Someone told me the same thing about Canesten cream (same as monistat).
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    wow...thank you for this! Aidan especially suffers through this in the summer, because I just cannot keep him from swimming. Going to try this next time.

    Aidan- UCH Kelrobins Yellow Brick Road aka/ The PorkChop

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    Excellent info - thank you for passing it on!
    - Allison and Caspian

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