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    Last week, because of a trip to the dentist, week before spring break and stuff, I didn't have time to take Tal and Barney to the open fields like I normally do. No worries, we had some awesome play time right here in our own back yard. For Barney's second birthday in January, my dogsitter got him his won chuckit. Funny thing is that they both like the orange rubber chuckit balls - identical, right? Not so fast. Tal has his fav and so does Barney. And they are exactly alike! When we go out, Barney does this little spin - 3 times - then runs toward the fence right before I throw the ball. I will get a video and post it because you gotta see it to believe it! What goobers.

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    They may look and feel the same to us but the balls are "different to them". Cinnamon will dig through her toy box looking for the "right" ball. And as hers are different colors I know it is not the same one she selects every time. Plus if she is playing with one and you toss her a different one mid-game she will bring it back drop it at your feet instead of returning it to hand and bark at you as if saying "OK not funny where is the right ball".

    Glad your boys are both doing well and enjoying their romps around the yard. Looking forward to a future video.
    Karon and Cinnamon

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    That is funny!
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
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    Nikki 6 months

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    They are amazing creatures. Sometimes we forget how smart they are and then they surprise us! Glad they had their fun. My girls want to play so bad but with all the rain we haven't been able to. Labs + rain = MUD!!! ugh one thing I hate about spring.

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    I can just picture the spin in my head. You have to get a video of that. Don't you just love watching the joy they have when playing?

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