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Thread: Need help! Puppy and toddler just don't mix!

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    Sorry for your problem but definitely puppies and toddlers are not a good mix and it is very difficult to control a mouthy hyper puppy around a "walking toy" (to their eyes of course) that squeaks and runs and provokes even more hyper behavior from the pup.

    Before allowing any contact between them I would make sure the pup is "worn out" a bit, meaning playing with him, running, fetching, going for a walk, etc. Once he´s tired I would allow contact only on a leash and making sure your toddler is also calm around him. At this point it would be better for both to just ignore each other, but be in the same place. The toddler petting the dog is also a trigger for bitey play.

    You´ve got yourself into quite a problem...

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    Sharing my personal experience...

    When Miko finally joined out household, our children were 9 and 7 and Miko was 8 wks. Whenever Miko was with our kids, we had to be close by at ALL TIMES. Even then, our kids had nipping scars (so did my husband and me) . During those times, we felt like we were constantly telling her "no bite", stuffing a toy into her mouth, and/or crating her for short timeouts.

    Now that Miko is 6 months old, we can definitely say that she is no longer nipping us! Sometimes when she is playing with us, her teeth might accidentally come into contact with our skin (like our hands), but she will back off right away and control herself to play more gently with us.

    Her manner is improving all the time (go Miko!). The main thing that we are working on with her now days is her greeting manner as she tends to get too excited. If we come across other people or dogs during our daily walk, I have to say a small prayer that she doesn't pull me to the ground.
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    Miko (April 6, 2009), CGC

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    GIVE ALTERNATE BEHAVIORS!!! It's not enough just to say NO NO!! NO!!!!! when your pup is misbehaving. NO is too general a command for a dog, especially a puppy, who probably has come to think that all the yelling and commotion and tears and upset has made this situation the funnest game in town.

    We also raised a pup w/a baby in the house. Taught Wesley (dog, btw) -- through much patience, praise, persistence, and corrections -- that while biting was off-limits, he could SUBSTITUTE kissing. And getting OFF netted better rewards than jumping up and tripping people. ETC. ETC.

    Fix the bad behavior by substituting good behavior.

    Kelrobin Cleveland Street Denizen, CGC, RN [Parker]

    "Dear George: Remember, no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings. Love, Clarence" -- IAWL Screenplay (1946)

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    Thanks so much for all the help. We've started leashing her inside for short periods of time and it works so much better. They both seem much happier. For those who have asked, Kona is about 11 weeks old now. Just a wee pup still. When she's in her crate Jacob would never touch or poke her, just talk to her quietly, but I totally see that she does need her own space so we'll put a stop to that. She just received her second set of puppy shots so she's able to leave the yard now so we started taking her to the large field we have at the back of our house. Hopefully this will help too. By the sounds of it this will hopefully be short lived.

    Thanks again for all the great suggestions.

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    I agree with everything that has been said. Our Kate is 12 weeks old & she is terrible about the nipping & biting. We are lucky though because we have two older labs to pick up the slack of her "bad" behavior" & they do put her in her place. But we also have 6 grandchildren, 5 of whom are very young, so we work on this all the time.
    What I do when she starts that biting/nipping is say "no" & then replace my hand or whatever she is biting, with a chew bone.
    It takes patience & consistency, but they do grow out of it. Especially when the adult teeth come in.
    Good luck in the meantime.

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    When do the adult teeth come in? My puppy is almost 6 months old now and is doing so much better. I agree it is tiring having a puppy and young children. I have a 8,3, and 1 year old. He still has his moments, but is doing so much better.

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