New puppy- whining in crate
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Thread: New puppy- whining in crate

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    DefaultNew puppy- whining in crate

    Hi all,
    We are going to pick up our puppy soon from the breeders. I am wondering what is the best way to keep the puppy quiet during the first few nights. We have the radio, hot water bottle, and a blanket left at the breeders that we will get to smell like his mom. I am wondering if putting a kong with a treat or PB would help or if he would be too stressed to even bother with that? I want to keep him occupied as long as possible before getting up to let him go pee during the night. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    we picked up our guys at 8 weeks--the first night in the crate he whined for about 20-30 minutes, that was it. i had planned on sleeping in the spare bedroom and getting up every few hours to let him outside to pee--our breeder asked me if I wanted to sleep downstairs, or get up so often--I said no--she said, "he's a dog, he'll be fine." and he was.

    we do have a piece of the blanket from his whelping box in the crate, and we don't let him drink any water after about 7pm to decrease the amount of water in his bladder when he goes to bed. he's in the crate every night when we go to bed, around 11pm, and is fine till 7am, when we get up. we have not changed our schedule for him, maybe we're just lucky.

    he doesn't whine when he's in the crate, and often goes in the crate during the day for a nap--we leave the door open during the day and only close it at night, as we still don't trust him overnight outside of the crate. i suspect that will change at some point, but that he'll always like having his crate there.

    hope that helps! have fun with your pup!

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    Jeb was a howler in his crate. It took literally weeks of ignoring the noise before he finally decided it got no response. Hampton, on the other hand, has slept through the night without making a sound since we brought him home. Each one is different. Hampton was a real treat after Jeb. It may have helped that they both sleep in our room and Jeb was there too.
    Bayou Bay's Jeb's Trouble Too, RN, CGC

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    I would not put a hot water bottle in the crate unless you are looking for it to be ventilated by morning.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Dogs are social animals, they like to be with their pack. When you bring your new pup home, you will become your puppies pack. With that in mind, you may find that you'll have to move his crate into your bedroom. That way he knows you are there & you'll have a better chance he won't make a huge fuss about being in his crate.

    My pretty girl, Lexi!

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