Lump on Sammy's leg
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Thread: Lump on Sammy's leg

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    DefaultLump on Sammy's leg

    Took the dogs for a nice hike in the sunshine yesterday morning, and I noticed a lump on Sam's leg as he was walking in front of me. It's on his outer mid-thigh.
    Upon closer inspection, it's about the size of an egg, not rock hard and as I was examining it did move around.
    My first thoughts are it may be a fatty deposit since he's getting older....but we've got a vet appointment to check it out this week.

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    Paddy had one that size on his side, just beneath his rib cage. Stayed that way for years... soft, moveable, just part of him. What you describe sounds just like that. Let us know what the vet thinks? I'm hoping it's just the usual Lab-Lump thing. Love you!

    Seamus and Flynn

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    Sounds like it could be just a fatty tumor (lipoma), but you are wise to get it checked out just in case! Keep us updated

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    My vet told me if the lumps move it is more than likely a Limpoma. I get them checked anyway. You can never be too careful. Erns has several and and when I first felt it my heart sank. Horrible feeling.

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    Hopefully it's just a lipoma. The lump we just had removed from Toby was a fibrosarcoma, and although it moved with the skin it was pretty hard, so that sounds different from what you describe. You're smart to get it checked, but good thoughts that it isn't anything serious.

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