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    Hi Cappy. In answer to your question about treating Sedona's wound - yes I clean it twice a day with sterile pads soaked in a antiseptic solution from the vet's office and apply Neosporin. I put white vinegar around the area and on her neck in general this morning, but so far Keegan doesn't mind it. She certainly doesn't like it when I spray other areas. The problem I am having the past couple of days is that Sedona doesn't want to play too rough and jumps up on the couch and plays from there. She lets Keegan run shotgun over her sometimes. I think Sedona is afraid of hurting her. Right now (while I am typing this) Sedona is giving it to her so Keegan is backing off, but before they would run through the house playing and growling and generally doing the whole adult dog/puppy thing. I am trying to approach it from different angles and praise Sedona when she does what she should do. She has never been around a puppy before and Keegan is certainly no wallflower, not from day one. Keegan is very sweet and minds me immediately when I give her command, etc. Anyway, sorry I get off topic about treating the wound. BTW Rusty is a really cute dog and I love the pictures of her and Cappy. I am working on getting my two to lay quietly for more than a few minutes

    Isn't it great to have a sister

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    Cappy has the new challenge of two drain tubes now protruding from the internal trauma area where he pulled a few stitches yesterday. They drained over a cup of built up fluid this morning and then installed the drains. I was very surprised when the vet told me to clean the open areas adjacent to the tubes several times a day with hydrogen peroxide and then apply a topical like Neosporin.

    Rusty is all we had hoped for and more at this point except ... he's just started making pee-pee in the house. Hadn't had but one accident in the first three weeks and now there's been 5-6 in the last several days. He is Carol's dawg and she doesn't approve of the "rub their nose in it" heavy handed correction methods I've used successfully for 50 years. She wants to reason with him.

    Wishing Sedona and Keegan many years of happy and healthy fun together.

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