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    DefaultMorning Drama

    My dog is in habit of playing wit other dogs, he waked me up at 5am wanted to go for potty i opened the gate, normally he returns after 10 to 15 minutes , now since few days he comes after hour or so i noticed him playing with stray dog in forest area i whistled him to come he ignored me, i had to climb the hill to be closer n the fellow hided himself behind the bushes till i was really close, he is six months . what should i do? should i take him to potty on leash ? i feel gulity he wants to play n im stoping him scared if bychance he slips deep in forest its not safe with wild animals leopards n wolfs....
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    You don't have to leash him, but you do have to go out with him to potty. It is unsafe for him to go out by himself to play with other dogs, so you will have to find other ways to find for him to intereact with other dogs while you are there to supervise.

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    Im sorry? Leopards????????

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    I wouldn't leave him unattended for that long. Keep an eye on him because if something did happen you would never forgive yourself.

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