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    Hi all,

    I take Rambo out at 5:30 in the morning for his potty etc. Lately, Rambo has been barking and waking me up before time... sometimes at 5 am, some times at 4 30 am, some times at 4 15 am. Once, he barked to wake me up and I took a while to step out of the bed... by the time, he did potty in the house only.

    I couldn't understand what was the problem... yesterday, he barked at 3 30 in the morning... I decided not to take him out this time till 5 30... he went quite after a while but again called for me at 4 30... I took him out... he peed but didn't do potty...
    I am unable to understand this sudden change in routine... what could be the reason?
    Also, I thought let me discipline him by sticking to 5 30 am... but he barks and barks and as I said, also did potty in the house once... so I really don't know how to put a routine to this every morning alarm clock.

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    No answers here, but I feel your "pain". BJ did the same thing about six months ago, started waking up an hour earlier and sometimes I can say no and get a little more sleep but some days he is more insistant. The sad part is he now has me trained to wake up an hour earlier, and I often wake up before he does Once I am awake it is difficult for me to go back to sleep.

    Rusty, Blaze & Buster Brown
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