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    I 'm new to this. I have a chocolate lab that e resued from the road when he was about 5mo. he now is about 1 1/2 he is a great dog and like all labs has a temendous amount of energey and love. We all love him very much. He came to us living off of what he could kill or find in garbage cans, and when we first got him he had an affinity for my chickens which i fixed bu fencing them in. He learned not to bother them after that. he has always liked to chase deer no biggie right he'll never catch one- well today he did and he began llike a wild animal to kill the deer and disenbowel it. I was just a tad freaked out by this be didn't want to stop and kept wanting to return to the "kill" I am just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this, i am worried about my small kids who love jake verymuch, sometimes too much if you know what I mean. We love him so much but are not sure what to do, any help would be really appreciated.

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    something from the discovery channel. I think being that your pup was on the streets making a living for 5 months could have triggered this. It's instict to kill prey and eat it. I don't think he would look at family as prey like he did the dear. But then again i don't know your dog and his body language when he's around the family, etc
    I would for sure ALWAYS supervise the dog(any dog) with children.
    How old are the kids?
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    Mine never lived on the streets (well, that I know of...Simon was adopted at seven months, but given up by a family from what I understand). Anyway, if given the opportunity, I feel pretty sure they would do the same. And I think you're lucky to have gotten him away from his prey at all. I'm not sure if I could lure Angus especially away from something so tempting.

    I don't think I would worry about the kids just because he did this. It is instinct, as Deanna said. We had a rabbit in our yard that the boys would chase down whenever they saw it. Had we not trapped and relocated it, I'm 100% sure it would have met a similar fate.

    If it were me, I would try to limit opportunities to practice this behavior, however, if that's possible. Because it seems to me to be 1) an undesirable behavior for a family pet, and 2) one that is extremely rewarding to the dog and therefore likely to be sought out again.

    Each time any behavior, especially one so deeply rewarding, is practiced, it becomes stronger.

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