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    DefaultNew puppy suggestions

    Hi all, after all the waiting, tomorrow I will be picking up a Shih tzu puppy for my parents (she´s 10 weeks old now). I´ve been going around and around thinking what to do and the correct timing. Here´s my concerns:

    a) from what I researched and what the breeder told me, shihs are difficult to house break, a chore my mom would have to do since my dad and my 19 yo niece probably won´t

    b) getting all the shots and trips to the vet could be too much for my dad (he has a "soft" heart and probably won´t want to take the pup if she´s going to yelp or whatever)

    c) pup will definitely be spoiled the moment she gets to my parent´s. My dad is a specialist and my niece too (you know letting them on furniture, sleeping on the bed, eating things they shouldn´t, etc.)

    I´ve been thinking if I should keep her for a month to house break her, get her ready with all shots and let her socialize with Misha and Homer. What´s your take?

    It´s been 3 years since our cocker passed away. She lived to the old age of 18 and was an awesome dog, totally lived to be spoiled by my dad...

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    Well at 10 weeks, has she had any vaccines yet? Not sure what your vaccines are there, but I'm guessing they have to be similar to what we have.. with distemper, rabies, bordetella? The shots will definitely take longer than a month, since here we don't give the rabies vaccine until ~16wks.

    Not sure what all you have ready for the puppy, but I would definitely recommend a crate, appropriately sized, with a divider, so she can stand up, turn around and lay down comfortably, but that's it.. so she won't go poop in the corner and lay where it's clean. It helps with housetraining... I'm not an expert on little dogs, but I know people who have those wee pads and use them successfully with their small breed dogs.

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    Thanks for the advice. Got the crate, doggie bed, brush, puppy food, blanket with her mama´s odor imbeded. Shots are pretty much the same as in the US, the only difference is heartworm treatment, which fortunately we don´t have in Mexico City.

    In the end I took her to meet her new "parents" and of course it was love at first sight so they decided to keep her. My 20 year old niece lives with my parents so she took care of the pup last night (she didn´t sleep much jejeje). Little dogs are yappy noisy. Misha and Homer never hauled.

    It was funny having her over for a day. My two were totally delighted with the little fur ball. Homer was "obssesed" with her, sniffing and poking his nose and following her trying to get her to play (she actually played the second day).

    Misha behaved amazingly well, very delicate around her, friendly also but not overwhelming. I was very proud to see how well she behaved. Homer was a bit too much, but never with bad intentions

    I´ll post a couple pics I took of them. The pup has the cutest flat face I´ve ever seen

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