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    DefaultAcupuncture Update

    Just thought I would update everyone on Oakley's acupuncture experiences. We have been going now for about 4 weeks. First it was twice a week, now we are at once a week. I really hope I don't jinx things but it is going well. She hasn't had a stilbesterol since Nov 6 (she usually has it every 3 weeks) and her dosage of Propalin is down to half her regular dose twice a day rather than 3x a day.
    The first step was to not give the Stilbesterol.
    The second step was regular dose 2x a day.
    Now we are on the 3rd step, half the regular dose, 2x a day.
    We haven't had any urine dribbling or leaking!!

    She doesn't really bother the needles at all. Occasionally she will look at them but normally she just lays down. First the vet puts a few needles in, usually in her legs. Then we wait 10 mins then he comes back and puts some more in, legs/and or back. She has had anywhere from 10 to 16 needles in her per treatment.

    I hope things keep going well!

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    So interesting!

    I would be so afraid they would get up or roll over and jam the needles in!

    I would love to try this sometime with the dogs. I wonder if they react as humans do, and become very relaxed on the insertion of needles. When mine has a put a few needles in, I get this really high feeling like I just don't care.

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    Wow - I've never seen it done but always heard it could work wonders on certain animals. I don't think Abbey would be able to sit still.. I'd probably have to sedate her.. haha!

    So glad to heart it's working!

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    Awesome news!!!
    Katie adopted by koko

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    Glad it's working, and I hope it will continue!

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    the Great White North, eh?


    Glad to hear it's working!
    Me, Abzilla and the Helomonster.

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