Oh, Crud!! Snowing again.
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Thread: Oh, Crud!! Snowing again.

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    DefaultOh, Crud!! Snowing again.

    This morning, I cut our usual 40 min. walk & ski in the nature preserve way short because my hands were cold (despite gloves).

    As a result, Puff's rubber band motor hasn't been discharged enough.

    I took her out for her 2 PM potty break, threw her training dummy nX, but that wasn't enough. And it's begun to snow, covering the ice underneath like a slippery Teflon laced lube oil making walking a treacherous experience. It's 9º F.

    All afternoon Puff's been nuzzling me, pleading "Let's do something!!!"

    I tried hiding a bone and having her find it many times but that didn't do enough.

    So I've called a neighbor who has 2 Labs and we'll go down there in a few minutes and watch the KU-Temple BB game, the toughest opponent KU has had this year.

    Those Labs should wear Puff out and save the fur on her nose and my sleeves from getting worn down.

    ETA -- KU won at Temple, 84-52. KU -- the birthplace of college baketball -- may deserve its #1 national rating after all.

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