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    Ok, I always read your posts.... a lot... but almost never post anything... so here we go....

    I have a neutered dog, His name is Sambuka... I call him Sam.
    My cousing has a intact female, her name is Lilie. They are just waiting she is 1 year old to have her spayed (they hear that somewhere)
    Anyway.... I am pet sitting Lilie during the holidays. And I have been somewhat careful to keep them separated, not for anything, but for the mess they would cause playing inside the house together. Yesterday I went to bed and left them in the living room with my husbad. I told my husband to take them out to potty before he goes to bed.
    Well, This morning My husband said: "did you smell that in the living room?"
    he told me Sam was Humping Lilie, My husband let them be as he "knew" (and me too) that they act for instinct and not just because, and as Sam is neutered, and Lilie is not in heat, they might as well be just playing...
    Well.... I went into the Living room this morning and there is this weird smell.... I do not know if you know what I mean....but really bad smell...not poop... but as strong or more... I could not see the source of the smell.... but I need it out of the house by tonight.

    Where is the smell coming from, was it Sam spraying??? was it possible.... was it Lilie??
    How do I get rid of it?

    Thanks for you help!!!

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    Could one of them have expressed their anal glands? That's the worst smell in the world! Looks like a brown juice. You'd definitely see evidence of it.

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    Could one of them have expressed their anal glands?
    That would be my guess as well. Really terrible odor. Check your local pet store for some safe deodorizers.

    Duke and Freckles at their country home

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    My guess is an anal gland. "Spraying" is just peeing, and it wouldn't smell any different than plain old pee.

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    Anal glands would be my guess, too.

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    I vote with everyone else, it's got to be those anal glands. It is the worst stinking odor and nothing else smells like it. You should be able to find it by appearance alone, otherwise it's going to be a sniff-a-thon trying to locate the source.

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