Hey! Cindy! Merry Christmas! YOU DID WHAT?
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Thread: Hey! Cindy! Merry Christmas! YOU DID WHAT?

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    DefaultHey! Cindy! Merry Christmas! YOU DID WHAT?

    Cindy is the neighbor Mom that had to put down Natasha, a few months ago. I forget the exact details, but Natasha lived outside most of her life, over 10 years. They finally took her inside last year, and she was a good dog inside, but old and frail. At least she had the warmth of their home for the last year of her life, and probably more attention in that last year than the previous 10.

    That was background. I told them if they ever thought about getting another dog, I would be happy to steer them to a good breeder, or group that does Lab Rescue work. Hadn't heard from them about it, so figured that they weren't going to get another dog.

    Saw Cindy at the gas station this morning, said Merry Christmas. She lit right up and said that she was waiting to see me. She had great news. Her husband and 26 year old daughter that still lives at home, went out and got a Lab puppy. Named it Neveah, Heaven backward. It is an Ivory Lab. After all the nice comments exchanged back and forth, I asked if it was a very light colored yellow, or if someone was actually breeding Ivory Labs?????

    She told me the pup was white, with just a little tan (yellow) at the ears. Too much yellow at the ears to really be sold full price as an Ivory lab, so that got a break on the price. My brain is telling me to stay in control. They are happy with the new pup, I am glad for them. On to important questions. 'So, is Nevaeh going to get to live inside, or is she going to be outside in Natasha's kennel?' She told me that they any dog they had would be living inside from now on. So, that was good.

    Oh! Ed! I forgot to tell you. When they were picking up Neveah, at 2 days short of 6 weeks old, (I am getting upset again.) they saw this picture of this cute little girl and a chocolate lab on display. The daughter commented that it looked just like our granddaughter and Hershey Kisses. The guy responds that the dogs name is Hershey Kisses and lives in Minnetonka. yep! They drove 100 miles to the same breeders that we got HK from. A breeder that I would not take a dog from again. We love HK and would not trade her for anything, but this breeder is a small scale puppy mill that literally treat the animals like livestock. Clean because they feel that it has to be if they are going to allow people to come visit and select a pup, but the dogs are all treated like livestock being bred and raised for meat.

    Okay, its Christmas morning and I am upset that they didn't take me up on my offer or even ask for an opinion. I need to get my head straightened out so I can go over to see the pup and encourage some good practices.
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    What are the odds???

    Make sure you point them to the Lab Forum, Ed!
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