Hello everyone!

Have you entered the Labrador Life Line Cyber Show yet?! Hurry and snap those pics...the show closes June 19. We need entries!

Many of you show your gorgeous dogs. Where are you hiding them? Enter them in our Show categories!

I know we have a lot more puppies out there to enter in "Puppy Spirit"--why not show your adorable babies off to the world? I know most of your labbies play with balls, so let's see some "Play Ball" pics! There are many more "Extreme Labs" out there, as well as "Swimming Labs", 'Labs At Play" and "Labby Families". I know we all have casualties from our over-exuberant chewers...enter those pics int the "You Didn't Want That to Remain in One Piece, Did You?" category. Many of your dogs are rescues, so let's see your "Rescue Royalty". There must be some impressive "Working Dogs" out there too, those who provide assistance, do therapy, or have a job.

Who has furry friends other than labs? Let's see those cats, birds, horses, rabbits, etc. in "Not JUST labs-ALL Pets Welcome"!

All of your labs are eligible for at least one category in the show, probably several!

Rules and regulations can be read here:
Then you can register and start entering photos. Don't be shy!

Please pass this message on to friends, family and fellow lab/dog/pet lovers--if everyone who reads this enters even ONE photo, you will all make a tremendous difference for labradors in need!

Kristin Boggs
Vice President
Labrador Life Line, Inc.
A 501c 3 non profit organization helping Labrador Retrievers one Lab at a time