pancreatitis and kidney failure
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Thread: pancreatitis and kidney failure

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    Defaultpancreatitis and kidney failure

    Good evening -- I haven't been on here in quite some time -- life just got busy. I do have a question a friend would like me to ask about her almost 12 yr. old lab, Addie. Addie has pancreatitis as well as signs of early renal failure. She is doing pretty well. Addie gets sub-Q fluids every other day and she is on W/D prescripton diet due to her pancreatitis. The vet would like her on K/D, but Addie vomits it up every time, but does well on the W/D, so that is what my friend has been feeding her. She needs to put on some weight, too.

    Does anyone have any advice for my friend -- her name is Susan -- to help her senior dog stay as comfortable as she can for as long as she can? Any recommendations for food, vitamins, etc? Thanks so much.

    Haylee is doing, great -- turned 6 in January. Thanks everyone!

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    DefaultRe: pancreatitis and kidney failure

    My lab has been recently diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. He is not yet 5 yrs old. We are seeing an holistic vet and at the moment he is on a very low fat home made diet - freshly cooked fish or chicken, with potato and veg. Also added is 2 tblspoons of live low fat yoghurt and 20 mls of aloe vera. He is on Iris Versicolor (a homeopathic remedy to protect the pancreas) and has recently also gone onto Garcinia to protect the pancreas and help balance glucose levels. It is too soon yet to say whether it's helping or not but I'm keeping my fingers very tightly crossed.
    Don't know if this will help your friend's dog - but it may be worth passing this info on to her - along with very good wishes.

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    DefaultRe: pancreatitis and kidney failure

    The forum has moved. Look at Daniel's posts above and please come ask over at the new forum!!!


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