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    DefaultWill work for food

    Jack is motivated most by retrieving. Baby does not fetch, so getting her to go on the A frame or over a hurdle was a difficult hurdle itself. Saturday I chopped a a hot dog into very small pieces and a couple of baby carrots and took the kids outside to play. Jack ignored the treat bag completely. He wanted to retrieve. baby wanted to go back inside but I managed to get her onto the A frame and pull her to the top where I praised her very much and shoved a hot dog bite into her mouth. It clicked right then. Get to the top of the A frame and get essence of hot dog. She enjoys hotdogs more than the A frame but she does go up and over. He tail wags more so i hope this is going to make her more self confident.

    I followed up the A Frame with the hurdle. The hurdle is made up of 1x4 uprights about 40" apart. Baby is still convinced that going between the hurdle uprights will transport her into a different universe. It has been difficult to get her to go through the uprights let alone the bar sitting on the ground. She is getting better at it but she is also part Piranha. She lunges for the food and snaps.

    It is a start. I was afraid I was going to traumatize her but it worked. Jack would bring the ball up on the A frame when she was on it or come through the hurdles in front of her which broke the spell several times. But over all she did good.

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    DefaultRe: Will work for food

    Hot dogs are Abbey's favorite thing in the whole world.. she'll do just about anything for a piece!

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    DefaultRe: Will work for food

    Hey, it is a Labrador .. they do evrything for food !!

    Lay some food near youre tax form, and they've just fill it in for you!


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